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Dio, the Beginning of a
New Challenge / With our customers, our corporate philosophy
 become the best in the world.

  • With a continual investment plan for the dental implant market,
    and superior capital for investment of new product & R&D center
    development, we pledge our continual investment of research
    personnel, seminars & implant research groups, and infrastructure
    expansion, to actively pursue new foreign markets, and investment
    to become the top world-class brand for dental implants.
  • Development 
  • The First 
Challenge Years
  • The Second 
Challenge Years
2011~2013 / 2009~2010 / 2005~2008
2007.04 Beijing D.S.I. Science & Trade Co.
Ltd. Incorporated
2007.02 KGMP Certification
2006.12 Ministry of Commerce, Industry
& Energy Bioactive Implant
Government Initiative
2006.11 Medical Equipment Joint
Development Agreement with
German Biosteel Medical Co.
2006.09 Dio Thailand Incorporated
2006.05 Dio Australia Co. Ltd. Incorporated
2006.03 U.S. FDA Approval Obtained
2006.08 Vietnam Affiliate Company
2006.08 European CE Certification
2014.11 Two million dollar Export Award
2014.09 Inno-Biz Certificate Obtained
2014.06 DIOnavi. launched
Patent Approval Obtained (’14. 12)
2014.04 Awarded “Great Work Place” by
Small&Medium Business Corporation
2013.03 DIO HongKong Affiliate Company Founded
2013.03 DIO Taiwan Affiliate Company Founded
2013.02 Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and
Welfare Approval Obtained
2012.06 Industry Academy Cooperation
Agreement with Busan University
2012.05 HSA Surface Treatment Launched
2011.10 EAO Academic Institute Participation
2011.09 UF Implant System Launched
DIO Active Surface Treatment Launched
DIO International Meeting
2011.03 IDS Exhibition Participation The 45th
Annual Taxpayers’Day, Awarded by
the Minister of Strategy & Finance
2010.12 Customized Abutment I-Fit Launched
2010.03 I-Tero Dental IT System Launched
Narrow Implant System Launched
2010.01 BioMatrix Stent, the First Sales
Launched in Korea
2009.08 SM Implant China SFDA Approval
2009.06 Pledge Agreement for 1 Billion Social
Contribution Fund Over 10 Years
Korean Dental Association
2009.05 Stent BMS ISO 13485 Certification,
European CE Certification
2008.08 Company Name Change to DIO, Inc.
2008.05 U.S. FDA Approval (Bio Tite H Implant)
2008.02 Patent Approval, Coronary Arterial
Expansion Stent
2008.01 Dio Mexico Incorporated
2018.10 Over 200,000 holes implanted by DIOnavi. surgery
2018.09 Contracted to move into Makok Industrial Complex
2018.07 Developing DIOnavi. FullArch(Edentulous solution)
2018.05 Built a new building
2018.03 Launched UV Activator(ver. 1)
2017.08 Over 100,000 holes implanted by DIOnavi. surgery
2016.12 Selected as a core BIO Medical technology development project managing department. (3D)
Developing the automatic dental preparation devices using digitalized technologies _ overall expenses 6 Million USD
2016.12 A sales record record of UF(II) Fixture reached over 2.5 Million
2016.11 Launched SMARTnavi. (The surgery assistant robot)
2016.09 Established Japan J/V
2016.09 Held a DIO International Meeting 2016 in Busan
2016.08 Established China J/V
2016.06 Established Iran J/V
2016.06 Launched DIO Digital Academy (DDA)
2016.02 Agreement of international multistudy (9 Countries)
2015.07 Selected as a World Class 300 Company
2015.06 Constituted a employee stock ownership association