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DIO Implant leading global implant market! Leading the World Implant Market, Pledging to Become the Company Recognized for Expertise in Top Quality Product Value
DIO Implant leading global implant market!
DIO Co. Ltd., opened a ‘new market that did not exist before’ through integration of differentiated technological capabilities 2019-08-08 2734

DIO Co. Ltd., opened a ‘new market that did not exist before’ through integration of differentiated technological capabilities

Displaying digital innovation DNA by formally launching UV Activator2

DIO Corporation (representative director, Jin-baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, has been concentrating and researching titanium surface processing for prolonged period of time with the volition to undergo ‘innovation’ rather than ‘evolution’ in order to improve the biological function of the titanium surface. As the company formally launched UV Activator2, for which innovation was achieved on top of innovation, on July 1, the quantity planned for advance reservation sales prior to the mass production of the product was ‘sold out’, demonstrating the enormous anticipation of the market for this product. Transcending the limit of surface processing Even the Sandblasted with large grit and Acid Etched (SLA) surface-processed implant, which is evaluated as having the most stable surface roughness for implant and bio-compatibility, undergoes biologic aging that interferes with the binding of the bond and implant as organic matters such as hydrocarbon in the air adheres to the surface with time after processing.
As a means of solving this problem, Professor Ogawa, et al. of UCLA of the USA reported from several years ago that UV irradiation induces changes in the properties of the implant surface from hydrophobic to ultra-hydrophilic. Moreover, it is possible to anticipate the effect of increase in the initial fixation power and extent of osseointegration at the initial stage by increasing the BIC ratio to ideal level.
UV Activator2 is an optical irradiation process using UV ray on the SLA surface processed titanium surface as a surface processing system for conversion of the hydrophilic property of the titanium surface to hydrophilic property by removing the organic impurities adhered to the surface such as hydrocarbon, etc. It is acknowledged as the next-generation surface processing method with all the advantages of SLA surface processing method, which is assessed as the most stable titanium surface processing method to date, and hydrophilicity of titanium surface, which is advantageous to osseointegration. Achieving hydrophilicity only within 20 seconds In order to achieve photocatalytic effects on the titanium surface, it was necessary to irradiate UV ray for prolonged period of time until now. DIO has been pondering from the beginning to the end in order to provide more useful and accessible system to the user. Although the 20 minutes taken by the existing system is also acknowledged as a globally outstanding technology, 20 seconds of UV irradiation required for UV Activator2 to achieve the same effects provides extraordinary experience that transcends the concept of existing innovation.
In particular, the UV lamp to which 360 ° cylindrical pattern has been applied, completely irradiates UV ray to the entire titanium surface without missing any area through its high output in order to increase the penetration and absorption of UV ray as well as supplement losses. This capability has been receiving assessment that the era of UV surface processing system has been opened by overcoming the limit of its chair-side uses. Designing innovation UV Activator2 pursued differentiation of the design from the conventional products in addition to its unrivaled technological capabilities. As such, it was possible to realize display and control formats that satisfy both the maintenance of smaller size and usability of the existing products through innovative product structure. Control panel composed of power button, door button, start button and LCD display boasts of exquisite design with high level of completeness that can be manipulated conveniently. LED lights in 2 colors, namely, pink and blue, which can be chosen in accordance with the trend, provide more delicate visualization of the product exterior. In addition, open type design appropriate for chair-side application captures the attention of the onlookers.
Jin-baek Kim, representative director who personally led the R&D innovation of DIO, stated that, “UV Activator2 is a product introduced to the world as the result of 7 years of intensive researches and development by focusing only on the essence of the values including reformation of the property of titanium surface including enhancement of hydrophilicity and, furthermore, restoration of the semi-permanent function of the lost tooth.” He also expressed his volition that, “DIO will pursue acceleration of innovation for further growth and change through more diversified attempts in the future.”

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