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DIO Miplus Toothpaste

Healthy Beauty of White Teeth, DIO MIPLUS Toothpaste
Dio toothpaste is made from HAp&19 other types of ingredients highly
effective for oral health. Volume  :  100g
Price       :  $21

Toothpaste Active Ingredients

Hydroxylapatite / Chakatekin / Green tea extract / Chlorohydroxy aluminumallantoinate / Sodium monofluorophosphate / Xylitol

Efficacy for Usage

Whitens and strengthens teeth / Prevents cavities & removes mouth odor / Improves aesthetic effect / Prevents gingivitis & periodontitis / Prevents periodontal & gum disease / Removes and prevents plaque

Hydroxyapatite is the substance comprising 60% 
 of human bones and 97% of the enamel layer on
 teeth, serving to protect the teeth. Enamel layers
 are gradually eroded from alcohol consumption,
 smoking, brushing and natural causes, with
 defective layers causing discoloring &sensitive
 Dio toothpaste contains HAP ingredient to help
 repair damaged enamel layer for healthy teeth.
  Replaces the exposed enamel layer erosion caused by brushing
 Gyeongbuk University Clinical Case Study: DIO toothpaste containing high-purity HAP, as seen through the AFM 3D,Tooth enamel restoration clinical study (Gyeongbuk University Preventive Dentistry Class After 4 weeks of using Dio toothpaste, damaged tooth surface (enamel) is restored to smoothness

DIO Products

  • Toothpaste Size 100g 19 Ingredients
  • Toothpaste Size 20g 19 Ingredients