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DIO Implant leading global implant market! Leading the World Implant Market, Pledging to Become the Company Recognized for Expertise in Top Quality Product Value
DIO Implant leading global implant market!
DIO, confirming the global status of the educational program ,‘DIO Digital Academy’ 2019-05-13 572

DIO, confirming the global status of the educational program ,‘DIO Digital Academy’

Admirations for ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ live surgery first introduced as a full digital system

Digital dentistry leader DIO (CEO Kim Jin Baek), successfully concluded the ‘DIO Digital Academy’, a global educational program for cultivation of competent personnel in digital dental medicine, held for dentists in China during April 6th to 8th.
This ‘DIO Digital Academy’ was conducted specially as a master course with participation of 10 Chinese dentists. It was highly praised by all the participants through provision of theoretical lectures of digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’, live surgery and hands-on course, practice-oriented lectures.

In the first session, the ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch (All-on-4)’ evaluated as a further evolved solution for edentulous patients, Professor Choi Byeong Ho (Wonju Severance Hospital of Yonsei University), who is the developer of digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ and globally renowned scholar, and Professor Jeong Seung Mi (Wonju Severance Hospital of Yonsei University) gave lectures with great expectations from the participants even before the commencement of the lectures.
Professor Choi, under the title of ‘Digital Full Arch Implantology (Must be easy, Must be correct)’, lectured on the concept of ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ solution and passed on the core know-how that can solve an extensive range of issues from theories to practical applications including hands-on practices on mandibular edentulous cases, etc.
In particular, participants were able to vividly watch the successful live surgery of ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch (All-on-6)’ introduced for the first time with a full digital system. ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ live surgery placed 6 implants and attached ‘Temporary Denture’ printed in advance with 3D printer on the day of surgery, and perfectly fitted ‘Semi Final Prosthetics’ produced with Metal Frame and PMMA material on the next day, thereby drawing out heightened admirations of the participants who watched the live surgery.
One of the dentists in China who participated in the live surgery stated that, “it was the first time in my life, I saw a solution which is quickly and perfectly fitted both the guided surgery and the final prosthesis for edentulous patients with full digital system.” and that, “Now I have no doubt that the technological competency of ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ solution is undeniably the best in the world.”
In addition, the world-class lecturers were featured in the digital implant session. Dr. Jeong Dong Geun (Director of Segyero Dental Hospital) and Dr. Kang Jae Seok (Director of Mokpo Yedam Dental Hospital) gave lectures under the titles of ‘Digital Flapless Implantology’ and ‘DIOnavi.’ Clinical Case study & DDA’, respectively. These lectures provided opportunities for the participants to share effective utilization and diversified clinical application secrets of digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’, along with hands-on practical lectures on the ‘Sinus Case’ and ‘Mandibular Edentulous Case’ by utilizing digital dental treatment system and ‘DIOnavi.’ to resolve all of their curiosities on digital dentistry.

Choi Gang Jun, a director of DIO, who planned the overall aspects of this educational program, said that, “‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ live surgery first introduced with full digital system became the core force for acceleration of educational innovation of ‘DIO Digital Academy’,” and that, “DIO will continue to put our utmost efforts to become the world best not only in educational contents but also in all areas of digital dentistry by transcending the current status of being the first.”

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