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DIO Implant leading global implant market!
DIO, introducing its strongest lineup in digital workflow 2019-05-13 762

DIO, introducing its strongest lineup in digital workflow

‘UV Activator 2’, anticipated to lead the next-generation surface processing

Digital dentistry leader DIO (CEO Kim Jin Baek), will be participating in the ‘16th Seoul International Dental Material and Equipment Exhibition (SIDEX 2019)’ to be held in COEX, Gangnam, Seoul from May 10 to 12.
DIO Booth during the forthcoming ‘SIDEX 2019’ will exhibit the entire range of further evolved digital solutions from A to Z. It will provide visitors with an opportunity to personally see the full line-up of the entire digital workflow range from visiting and diagnosis of the patient, planning, surgical guide printing as well as surgical procedures to prosthetics at a glance.
In particular, the most noticeable item would be ‘UV Activator 2’, which was chosen as the best digital solution during its first introduction at the ‘IDS 2019’ short while ago, and it is being exhibited in Korea for the first time during the SIDEX 2019.”

‘UV Activator 2’, culmination of innovation upon innovation

Following the launching of ‘UV Activator’, which DIO launched last year after 7 years of intensive researches, ‘UV Activator 2’ will be introduced for the first time in Korea during this exhibition. ‘UV Activator 2’ is a surface processing system that makes the hydrophilic surface by removing a diverse range of organic impurities such as hydrocarbon substances adhering to the hydrophobic titanium surface by means of photo-irradiation with UV on the SLA surface processed titanium. It is being acknowledged as a next-generation surface processing method equipped with all the advantages of the dental titanium surface processing methods researched for execution at the process unit until now and the advantage of acquisition of hydrophilic nature of the surface, which is more advantageous for osseous integration.
In particular, ‘UV Activator 2’, along with the evaluation that innovation was added onto innovation by markedly reducing the required ‘UV Irradiation Time’ from 20 minutes to just 20 seconds range by perfectly supplementing UV ray penetration and absorption, and losses of the existing system, has already become a subject of heightened anticipation of the domestic clinicians.

Value higher than that of the best. Programill PM7

It is anticipated that ‘Programill PM7’, a CAD/CAM equipment of Ivoclar Digital formally launched in December last year, will further elevate the level of completeness of the digital workflow ranging from the speed and accuracy to processing of a diverse range of materials with the most advanced unparalleled technology in among all milling machines.
It is equipped with integrated milling processing elements of verified workflow including 8 block changers, 20 tool changers, zero-point clamping system, 5-axis milling and PC control with built-in touch screen monitor, etc.
It is capable for producing precision prosthetics as well as digital denture by applying the simultaneous 5-axis milling technology with the materials and motor rotating at the same time since it has 970W / 60,000RPM spindle of Jäger built into the system.
In particular, the Ionizer function allows to maintain clean milling environment by preventing the milling residues from adhering to the inner aspects of the chamber at the time of PMMA processing. Moreover, it automatically converts the system into wet and dry modes to enable pleasant and convenient uses in processing of a wide range of materials.
In addition, CAM software that plays important interface role between the milling machines converts the CAD data into milling data and automatically sets the necessary milling route values. Furthermore, Milling Template that determines the quality and accuracy of prosthetics can be changed flexibly in accordance with the milling formats of the user while ‘Material Holder’ and dedicated tools for each material guarantees the optimal milling quality and provides an extensive range of options.

In addition, visitor will have opportunity to encounter highly diversified digital solutions of DIO, including digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ that is continuing to set the trends by having reached 200,000 tooth implant mark, digital orthodontics ‘DIO ORTHOnavi.’, 3D printer ‘DIO PROBO’, milling equipment of Ivoclar Digital, PM1, PL900S of IDC and others.

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