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DIO Implant leading global implant market!
Highly successful conclusion of ‘DIO digital orthodontics seminar’ 2019-05-13 533

Highly successful conclusion of ‘DIO digital orthodontics seminar’

Disclosed extensive range of core know-hows of ‘DIO ORTHOnavi.’

Digital dentistry leader DIO (CEO Kim Jin Baek), successfully concluded ‘DIO digital orthodontics seminar’ held in the main auditorium on the 3rd floor of the new DIO building at Centum, Busan on April 14.
Numerous experts with extensive clinical experiences and know-how in the area of digital orthodontics including Dr. Bae Gi Sun (Sun Orthodontic Clinic), Dr. Oh Hyeon Geun (Director of ATA Dental Clinic) and Professor Kim Seong Shik (College of Dentistry of Busan National University), etc. gave lectures during this ‘DIO digital orthodontics seminar’ to share their core know-how in digital orthodontics.

First, Dr. Bae Gi Sun provided lecture on the ‘DIO digital orthodontics’ system that is drawing extensive attention in digital orthodontics under the title of ‘Introduction to and future of DIO digital orthodontics’, drawing out great responses from the participants.
Then, Dr. Oh Hyeon Geun perfectly passed on know-how on and means of more practically and easily understanding a diverse range of clinical cases with lecture under the title of ‘Diversified clinical cases of DIO digital orthodontics’.
Last, Professor Kim Seong Shik, under the title of ‘Identification and diagnosis method for prevention of side effects of DIO digital orthodontics’, share know-how on enhancing accessibility to orthodontic treatment by clinical dentists who are pondering over commencement of orthodontic treatment, thereby drawing the attentions of dentist with interest in orthodontic treatment.

Mr. Lim Sang Wuk, an executive director of DIO, stated that, “this seminar provided an opportunity to have discussions on the next-generation digital orthodontics that are in concordance with the latest trends including the theoretical base and diversified utilization methods of ‘DIO ORTHOnavi.’,” and that, “DIO shall put our utmost efforts to continue with academic exchanges on the issue of digital orthodontics in the future.”

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