DIO Digital solution Production Process

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Dental Treatement Procedure
  • Digital oral scan
    No more uncomfortable molds.
    TriOne has eliminated the cum-
    bersome work of making patient
    molds, with a simple scanning
    procedure, for an even more
    precise digital data collection
    of teeth and oral cavity.
  • Computer Design
    Patients' prosthesis are designed
    more precisely and aesthetically
    using computers, by predicting
    optimal shape for the oral cavity,
    enabling the production of a
    most comfortable set of teeth.
  • Digital Milling
    The prosthetic design, optim-
    ized for both comfort and
    beauty, is precision computer
    milled to produce dental pro-
    sthesis without error, offering
    patients the same feel as their
    natural teeth.
Comparison of prostheses Production Processes
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