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Happiness Shared, A Healthy World Realizing a World in Which  All People Can Enjoy Happy & Healthy Lives, by Reinvestment of Our Company Wealth into Socially Responsible Activities, is the Ultimate Value Pursued by DIO. Happiness Shared, A Healthy World
Social Contribution Activities Partner Organizations
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Along with changes of the recognition for the social role of businesses, DIO is also evolving in pursuits to contribute to society. Eschewing simple materialistic help and embracing participation and sharing, the change is from passive forms of giving toward proactive, win-win alternatives.

To garner self-motivated participation in social contribution activities, initiatives such as DIO Supporters Circle is redefining the meaning of community involvement and volunteer spirit to evaluate and reward participants in community service.

Moreover, business related specialization is feasible, to secure expertise in social contribution efforts, select themes centered on those receiving assistance, and to apply to the company’s welfare programs.
  • Fund Support

    Since 2009, a portion is set aside each year for
    regular contribution to the Korean Dental
    Association’s Social Contribution Activities Fund.

  • Voluntary Service

    With community service activities for the elderly,
    children, and multi-cultural families, together
    we are helping to build a healthy, beautiful
    world to live in.

  • Sharing Activities

    Each year, through blood donations and surgeries
    for low income disabled families, employees are
    sharing the spirit of giving for the sanctity of life.

  • Local Community Activities

    Many programs are continually being devised for
    tomorrow, according to changes in each local
    community, for all to enjoy healthy, happy lives.