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Happiness Shared, A Healthy World Realizing a World in Which  All People Can Enjoy Happy & Healthy Lives, by Reinvestment of Our Company Wealth into Socially Responsible Activities, is the Ultimate Value Pursued by DIO. Happiness Shared, A Healthy World
Social Contribution Activities Partner Organizations
  • DIO stands side by side with the local community, to deliver dreams and
    hopes to every corner of our society, fulfilling the role as the local business
    and a leader for sustainable social development.

    DIO affiliates with local social welfare organizations and community service
    groups to better serve each area with specialized and systematic activities
    toward social contribution.

    The door is always open for participation of any groups or individuals who
    wants to join, and we are always open to suggestions for improvement .
  • How to Participate&Contact Info / Dio Marketing Team : 051-745-7730 / e-mail :
Partner Organizations with DIO